Writing Copy for Life Insurance Agents

We have been working with an insurance agent lately to develop content for their website. One of the keywords they are trying to rank for is Life Insurance. While Life Insurance may not be the sexiest term out there, it is an important topic that people should be aware of.

As we met with the agent, we discussed their story. Everything begins with a good story, even copywriting. Stories are how you connect with the reader. Now, readers of Life Insurance information aren’t used to being told a story. Most insurance information uses statistical information and case studies to tell their story. This approach excites no one.

Making Life Insurance Sexy

We had to get beyond the obvious to develop interesting stories for our insurance agent. An obvious story would be about someone who bought a whole life insurance policy. Then, a few months later died from an unfortunate accident. Then, the superhero agent is able to bring the family a check as a result of their policy paying off.

This could make an interesting story illustrating the benefits of having life insurance. But how do you translate that into a short Facebook post that get’s the reader to click on it and visit your website.

As the web becomes more visual, that is the key to telling better stories about insurance. Creating emotional connections is key. Nothing does that better than a great image with the right caption. Take the following image as an example of a different kind of Facebook post for life insurance:

Plan Ahead for Emergencies

Then the text above the image could read something like: In times of loss, the road ahead often seems foggy. Thoughtful planning can lift the fog for those left behind and make their journey easier. Learn how life insurance can make the pathway forward less difficult.

The Facebook post could take them to a landing page that creates a deeper connection with the reader. It is all about the story, emotion and how you make the reader feel. Citing facts and figures won’t convince someone to buy an insurance policy. Creating an emotional connection will.

The Webpage Copy

Often the debate on a sales page revolves around how much copy you should have. The answer is simple. You need enough to tell your story. No more, no less.

The primary issue with selling insurance, especially life insurance, is you are selling air. Everyone believes that bad things happen to other people and they are impervious to calamity. So, convincing the 20-year-old to invest in a whole life policy us an uphill battle

Begin by asking yourself “Why” five times. This helps get you to the core of what might motivate someone to buy a policy. Why does a 20-year-old need life insurance? Because accidents can happen. Why would an accident be bad? Because it causes a hardship for the family. Why is that difficult? Often family finances aren’t prepared for hardship, let alone the added emotional stress.

That is the answer - it reduces stress. Pay a small amount each month to remove the stress of a hardship for those you love. Then you can talk about the added benefit of the cash savings and such. While such an appeal might not work for everyone, the conscientious people will at least stop to consider the possibilities.

Maybe the image should be a single can of pop. The old adage of "save one can of pop today adds up to a lifetime of savings" may appeal to some. Create an image like this one:

Save for a rainy day

Add text above it like: Everyone thinks they are immune to bad things happening to them. Yet, when bad things happen it creates a hardship for those left behind. For a can of pop a day you can get a life insurance policy, reducing the stress of those who are left to pick up the pieces.

In Short

The question that needs answered with every piece of copy you write is, “Is it Sexy?” Sexy is different for each audience you are trying to reach, so you have to get to know your audience.

Once you figure out what sexy is, tell a good story around that. Your story needs to have a hero, a villan and create an emotional connection. Remember, use enough words to tell your story.

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